Tay Oskee is a multi-instrumentalist playing different types of guitars, banjo, harmonica and percussion.  With a musical style that is wide and varied Tay can take you on a journey from chilled beach tunes to punchy riff driven roots music with distinctive multicultural influences. 

Raised in what most would call paradise, Tay took many influences from the surrounding beauty of Mission Beach, and also his early years of living amongst the Aboriginal people of North East Arnhem Land. It was here where he was surrounded by a strong connection to land and the sounds of ancient music and dance.  These influences can be heard in his lyrics and music where he communicates through songs of nature, hope, love, and personal journeys. 
Tay's live shows have been praised for their incredible dynamics with the ability to leave crowds silent while he weaves through beautiful ballads of love and hope.  While in the next breathe he can have the whole crowd in a dancing frenzy with his infectious build ups and rhythms.  In less than a year Tay has had sold out shows and has supported acts such as Ash Grunwald, Mat Mchugh and Bonjah.  An act not to be missed!